Certificate Requirements

The STS certificate program is 21 credits, requiring 9 credits of general education courses (100-200 level), 9 credits of upper level electives (300-400 level), and ENES 440 (STS Certificate Capstone).  The STS director will help choose appropriate courses based on student interests. All chosen courses should engage science and technology from a humanities, business, and/or social science perspective.

Students must earn a minimum grade of C in each course they wish to credit toward the STS University Certificate. A student’s individual course of study may not exceed these maximums:

1) 9 credits of courses applied to the student’s major;

2) 3 credits of Special or Selected Topics courses;

3) 9 credits of courses taken outside UMCP;

4) 6 credits of courses with the AREC, ECON and GVPT prefixes.

Once all requirements are met and the director affirms that the student has completed the program, the Registrar includes a notation of the University Certificate in STS on the student’s transcript.

As students complete requirements, they notify the director so that this progress may be tracked. Students meet semi-annually with the director.

The University Certificate program in STS is open to any student at UMCP. The 100- and 200- level courses required of the University Certificate in STS can also serve to fulfill the College Park Scholars program in STS, so a student who completes the Scholars curriculum needs only a few more courses to complete the University Certificate in STS.