About the Program

Science, Technology & Society (STS) certificate program emphasizes the importance of social processes to shaping scientific research and technological development. We also examine the opposite relationship: the ways that science and technology shape society. We are sponsored by the School of Engineering to help STEM, social science, and humanities majors think broadly about their work. Any student may join the program: about one-fourth of our students do not major in science, engineering or math, so our classes mix students interested in a variety of disciplines.

The program seeks students who wish to:

  1. Explore the social, cultural, political, environmental, historical and ethical dimensions of emerging science and technology
  2. Pursue an independent project using analytical methods from science and technology studies one of the following categories: research, design, and service learning
  3. Understand how culture, politics, economics, law, professional training, funding, and employment settings affect the pursuit of science and the development of technology; conversely, understand how science and technology change these aspects of society
  4. Reflect on their individual skills, practical knowledge, and experiences to articulate their relationships to the broader contexts of society’s needs, scientific research, and technological development