Welcome to Science, Technology and Society!

Sponsored by the A. James Clark Engineering School, the programs in Science, Technology and Society (STS) explore the powerful social, ethical, and political relationships that drive research and innovation. The program delves into the challenges of living and innovating in a world where emerging science and technologies are becoming increasingly interconnected, pervasive, and powerful.

The program’s primary goal is to give students analytical skills that help connect science and technology to broader social needs. STS pursues this goal through active learning, which includes individual research projects, collaborative problem solving activities, user-centered design projects, and service-learning.

STS welcomes students from all majors who are interested in understanding how we can responsibly maximize the societal benefits of scientific inquiry and technological innovation. Non-engineering students form a significant part of our interdisciplinary community. Coursework emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinary modes of inquiry to creating new scientific knowledge and technologies, and to understanding the ethical considerations and social benefits that flow from them.